Monday, 11 March 2013

$4,866 Gold Within 2 Years: Graphical Representation

Here is a description of a way to get $4,866 gold in 2 years time. Two gold charts are given here will describe the behavior of gold market since its fall in 1999 to the present time. You will also see an interesting graphical representation that shows DOW/Gold chart. Gold had gone through a downfall in the year 1999 and the fall was really a severe one. The fall was the lowest in last many decades. It affected the gold market a lot. It took about a year to recover. However, after one year and by two years time, gold recovered and its price rose instantly. The rise in price was really substantial and it led to a bull market that has been running since a decade now. Gold market is still a bull market. Gold witnessed a price hike and five of the hikes were most prominent. These hikes included the May 2001 with $ 288.35, February of 2003 with $385.00, May of 2006 with $725.75, March of 2008 with $1,023.50, and September of 2011 with $1,896.50.

Although these hikes were expressed on a sole basis, it appears to show a hike in pairs. On the other hand, the hike between the pairs 1 to 2 and 3 to 4 was 24% and 41%. The percentage of rise from one pair to the other was it was 89% and 85%. The fifth hike was also in pair. On considering these charts and the pattern followed by gold prices predictions can be made. It can be found out or assumed from the chart is that as per the way the hikes have been since last five hikes, we can easily forecast the sixth and the seventh hike and its value. As per the chart it can be forecasted as mentioned ahead. The hike would be in June 2013 and it would be at $2,603.37 and the seventh hike would be January 2015 and it would be at $4,865.73. so, you should expect that the price of gold would experience a hike by $1,000 in the first half of the present year 2013.